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Our design team  produce high level  design work ,using the latest version of Solid works, the industry standard in 3D modelling software. We are able to modify and refine these 3D models quickly and easily to fulfil our customer's exact requirements. Using CAD/CAM software, we can then convert these models into actual components without the need to use conventional programming methods.We can also create fully functional and moving assemblies, enabling customers and ourselves to be confident about how the final product will look and function, prior to committing to actual machining.Milltech can accept e-mail customer files in various formats to start the process, and we are always available to advise on the best way of communicating information to us.

Our dedicted staff  will always come back and question you if we are not clear about your requirements, and more importantly, we design for manufacture which means that we identify the most cost effective way of producing your components - ensuring that we keep your costs as low as possible.

We can also help you work through concepts, giving you the benefit of our engineering knowledge. Milltech  work with you to identify the best material and production method for your requirements, and where possible, suggest design enhancements which will reduce your costs .

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